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Full Version: ora-24010 error in streams
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I am getting ora-24010 error in the target database where I am configuring the apply process, DB is on RHEL, could you please let me know where am I making mistake? This is how I am doing.

SQL> conn strmadmin/strmadmin@db2
SQL> begin dbms_streams_adm.add_table_rules
2 ( table_name => 'scott.test',
3 streams_type => 'apply',
4 streams_name => 'apply_stream',
5 queue_name => 'strmadmin.streams_queue',
6 include_dml => true,
7 include_ddl => true,
8 source_database => 'DB1',
9 inclusion_rule => true);
10 end;
11 /

The capture process and the propogation rule and scn instantiation on the source were executed fine withut issue, I am having problem in the apply process.Any helpful suggestion is appreciated.

Hello all,

sorry for this post, I found the cause, I had earlier missed to execute EXEC DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.SET_UP_QUEUE(); in the strmadmin user adn thats why this error, i ran this and the error is fixed.

Hi Kartik,

Thanks for posting the fix!

ORA-24010: QUEUE string does not exist

Cause: The specified queue does not exist.

Action: Specify a valid queue. Query USER_QUEUES for all the valid queues
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