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Full Version: Passing Unstructured Data from Pro*C to PLSQL
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My application reads a binary file in C++ using and needs to save that binary data into the database as a blob.

I am not using OCI.

My struggle is trying to determine the proper way to pass this unstructured data to a PLSQL procedure.

1 > What data type should the input paramter be for the PLSQL procedure?
2 > My binary data is in a char variable. Do I need to convert that to something else before passing it as a parameter.

Thank You.

This is a DBA forum, but I took C in college (80 years ago!)

>> save that binary data into the database as a blob.

OK, you have a char** pointer to an aray of pointers, yes?

Then see here, how to write the data in binary stream into Oracle.

Oracle also has a dbms_lob package for this:

Good Luck!
Thank you very much sir for dusting off the old C hat and providing a response; this was very helpful.

>> this was very helpful.


If you would please post the solution, for the benefit of future readers . . .
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