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Full Version: Forms 6i with OLE2 package
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Hi all!

I'm developing with Forms 6i in Oracle 8.3.4.

I have some problems using the OLE2 package to make integrations with other applications...

In particular, I'm creating a form with a button that when pressed starts a scanner!
Well, I would like to use the Kodak Imaging Windows application to start the scanner, in fact the API of Imaging contains some methods useful for this aim, for example the method "bool scannerAvailable()" etcetera...

My problems start when I create in forms the connection between my form and the OLE2 package, when I try to call some method of Imaging using the OLE2 method Invoke_Num or Invoke or getProperty etcetera Oracle returns the error 305500!

Is there someone that can helps me to resolve this problem? Anyone have ever used the OLE2 integration with other applications?

Thank you very much!
Best regards.

Raffaele Gambelli
Bologna (Italy)
Finmatica s.r.l.

The ORA-305500 is an unhandled exception, right?

Can you trap the exact error?

Here is a related question that might help:
Did you ever make any headway on this...I'm basically trying to work a very similar problem but with Microsoft Document Image Viewer. ANy help or suggestions would be great...

I tried switching out OLE2.INVOKE_OBJ with OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY and still get the error

FRM-40735: WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-305500.

MyApplication OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
MyApplication1 OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
MyDocuments OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
MyDocument OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
MySelection OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
obj_hnd OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
args ole2.list_type;

MyApplication := ole2.create_obj('MiDocViewer.MiDocView.1');
--MyApplication1 := FORMS_OLE.get_interface_pointer('block3.item41');
MyDocuments := ole2.get_obj_property(MyApplication,'MyDocuments');
args := ole2.create_arglist;
Mydocument := OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(MyDocuments,'Open',args);
Hello Sir,

I want to create a pdf file in oracle form by using OLE2 package.

But I am not getting proper idea yet.

Can you please guide me how to make a object of OLE2 to create a pdf file??

I need it urgent.

Thanks in advance

>> I need it urgent.

All urgent matters need to be logged on MetaLink, not this forum:

BTW, Apex has a super-easy write to PDF function.

You can also use javadoc, and the doclet implemented (the MMF Doclet) that can create PDF documentation using Adobe FrameMaker's interchange format.
QUOTE (reenapatel @ Jul 30 2008, 06:28 AM) *
Hello Sir,

I want to create a pdf file in oracle form by using OLE2 package.

But I am not getting proper idea yet.

Can you please guide me how to make a object of OLE2 to create a pdf file??

I need it urgent.

Thanks in advance

Why not use Oracle Reports or BI Publisher? Either one is 50 times easier than doing this in Forms. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a no-brainer to take the data from the form and run a report off if it with the output (destype) being PDF.

we have requirement to create or convert report data into pdf file ,excel file and
we have made it for excel and word using ole2 package but not able to create pdf file
i.e we dont know how to create obj of ole2 package for pdf file

like for excel we have

Application := OLE2.create_obj('Excel.Application');
OLE2.set_property(Application, 'Visible', 1);
Workbooks := OLE2.get_obj_property(Application, 'Workbooks');
Workbook := OLE2.invoke_obj(WorkBooks, 'Add');
Worksheets := OLE2.get_obj_property(Workbook, 'Worksheets');
Worksheet := OLE2.get_obj_property(Application, 'ActiveSheet');

for word

application := OLE2.CREATE_OBJ('Word.Basic');
OLE2.INVOKE(application, 'Appshow');

but dont know for pdf

even we dont have any idea is thr any better way apart from this to create pdf file

actually we have form on which we have radiobuttons related to excel,pdf,direct view and html .and if user select radiobutton of excel and click on report button then he get excel file of related report ,if he pressed only view then we have to show only report.
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