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Full Version: send ORA-error alert through mail
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hi experts,

can any one please tell me how to create trigger or procedure for send all ORA- error alert mail from database. if any ORA - error comes in ALERT_SID.log then after trigger send the mail to my mail id rolleyes.gif

That's basic shell scripting. You can tail the last however many lines of an alert log at whatever frequency you want, grep for ORA errors and send an email via mail or mailx, depending upon your platform.
Hi, Steve

thanks for quick reply. at my system mailx is not configure.... because of that i want database trigger or procedure to send mail using smtp.
You are asking about how to re-instrument Oracle and alerts based on metrics, which is practically the entire point of using Database Control in the first place. How is it you can be running Oracle on a server and turn around and hobble the server by not enabling the mail send system? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Yes, you can use utl_smtp to send e-mails, see here:

Good Luck!
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