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Can some tell me how to find out the list of table and their sizes ?
Thank you,
Define what you mean by size.
I mean amonut of data in KB.
I can have a monster table with no data in it whatsoever. Pick one or the other: how much space has been allocated for the table, or how many records are in the table.
How many records in the table in bytes
QUOTE (dima @ Jul 28 2008, 08:20 PM) *
How many records in the table in bytes

you may get this by having sum of avg_row_len * num_rows from dba_tables.
I can have zero records in a table with 1GB of space allocated/used by it. You don't get the difference, do you?
Hi Dima,

There are lots of ways to estimate table size, please read:

If you just want the estimated row space and your dbms_stats are current, just multiply avg_row_len by num_rows.

You can get the more sophisticated scripts in the Oracle script collection:
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