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Full Version: argh! redundancies!!
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argh! redundancies!!

50% of 'support' (including dba) is going to India (I work in a it-services company, there are about 14 dba's, working remotelly on uk customers kit)

I need to step back and ask the question - is it time to bail-out on Database Administration?

I'm 48 so it maybe too late to retrain as a doctor :-). Seriously, I remember on a forum years ago, someone said "if your not contributing anything unique, then your role in IT-support is doomed (like the uk shipbuilders / miners ...etc)". And that brings me to the point of this post.

Should I move back to development (I built a mean datawarehouse some years back, and have always developed web-based-tools, as a side-role)? Surelly development is more "creative" than database administration. Or I could get that "Prince-2" qualification and project-manager? I think I see a trend to retain managerial roles in this country - and outsource just the knowledge-workers roles. On the other-hand, wages may go up here - as DBA's bail, and I haven't that long to go really.

Whats the trend in the USA?

"Whats the trend in the USA?"

A MAJOR failure of outsourcing. The offshore people have a poor education and even poorer communications skills.
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