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HI. I need to review the stored procedures. What points need to be checked?
errr review them for what?
"What points need to be checked?"

Best practices most likely.

PL/SQL Programming Design Standards
Developers should design for modularity. Black box is a term often used in conjunction with modules; each module should perform one (and only one) function using a defined interface and produce a predictable result. So long as the interface for a code module is not changed, the code module may be altered without affecting outside code.

Each module contains one or more routines (and the data structures and variables needed to support the routines). PL/SQL allows developers to implement modularity through the use of packages, which can contain procedures and functions as well as global type, variable, and constant declarations.

Stored functions that use parameters of the IN OUT and OUT types are not allowed. Stored functions should use only the RETURN statement to return a value. Developers are encouraged to identify routines that can be reused. This code can be centralized, tested, and used by other developers to improve the reliability of system code and to reduce development time for more complex modules.

Modularity for PL/SQL

If your organization consists of ten or more people, it might be a good idea to appoint a “Modularity Ombudsman” who has some experience with SQL and PL/SQL. The responsibilities of this position include:

• Identifying code segments that can be reused

• Developing and testing reusable modules

• Documenting modules and promoting their use

The modularity ombudsman should also take part in peer review for new modules to help increase code reuse throughout your project.
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