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Full Version: oracle 11g install from cd
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Hi all

I'm making an installation for oracle 11g. This installation will run on different computers and Iím using a response file.

I made a batch file:
\install\oui.exe -responseFile \response\ins11g.rsp

The universal installer starts but I get an error that say: can find path \response\ins11g.rsp

I did not have this problem in 8i installation.

Can anyone tell me why this is or suggest an alternative batch?


"Can anyone tell me why this is or suggest an alternative batch?"

Not sure exactly, but the docs say not to specify a "relative" path. Try using the full path name:

\install\oui.exe -responseFile c:\response\ins11g.rsp

To record a new response file:

Complete the pre-installation tasks listed in Chapter 2.

When you run the Installer to record a response file, it checks the system to verify that it meets the requirements to install the software. For this reason, Oracle recommends that you complete all of the required pre-installation tasks and record the response file while completing an installation.

If you have not installed Oracle software on this system previously, create the oraInst.loc file, as described in the previous section.

Make sure that the Oracle software owner user (typically oracle) has permissions to create or write to the Oracle home path that you will specify when you run the Installer.

To record a response file, enter a command similar to the following to start the Installer:


Do not specify a relative path to the response file. If you specify a relative path, the Oracle Universal Installer fails.

$ /directory_path/runInstaller -record -destinationFile filename

In the previous example:

directory_path is either the CD-ROM mount point directory, the path of the client directory on the DVD-ROM, or the path of the Disk1 directory on the hard drive

The -record parameter specifies that you want to record the responses that you enter in a response file

filename is the full path and file name of the response file that you want to record

On each Installer screen, specify the required information.

When the Installer displays the Summary screen, do one of the following:

Click Install to create the response file, then continue with the installation.

Click Cancel, then Yes to create the response file but exit from the Installer without installing the software.

The response file is saved in the location that you specified using the -destinationFile option.

If you did not complete the installation, delete the Oracle home directory that the Installer created using the path you specified on the Specify File Locations screen.

Before using the recorded response file on another system, use any text editor to edit the file and make any required changes.

Use the comments in the file as a guide when editing it.
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