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Hi all

I have an issue, Let me explain in a scenerio basis

I use a ETL tool. I have to connect it to a oracle server on a different machine. Instant client is in my machine and am able to connect it through ezconnect
i use scott/tiger@// and that works pretty well. But to use the ETL tool it asks for 3
I tried to use TNS_ADMIN but it's not taking....

I also tried like
but it still doesn't works.not the ORACLE_SID of server is TYP2
but using TYP2 won't resolve the issue as TNS_NAMES is not working.
So any one has any idea

Example Imagine something like GUI SQL like sqlplusw it has three options
so what should be used in the string when server is only configured for EZCONNECT.

Thanks and Regards
Sunil Kumar Mohanty
Well, with the no-name ETL tool, perhaps it is Java-based and is expecting jdbc thin etc? Who knows? We don't.
Hi steve
Ya it's pure java based tool. It is a GUI only no Command Prompt So we cannot do something like
sqlplus sunil/sunil@TYP2 or ...... 'cause it's a GUI exactly like sqlplusw so we can only connect if we
specify USERNAME PASSWORD and CONNECTIONSTRING.....which the Tool resolves into
Connection conn=jdbc:oracle:thin@hostname:port:service
Have you ever experienced any such problem ever.
The spycam in your office is turned off, so I can't see what the GUI is expecting or has available for fields. If it has username, password and connection string, I would try username, password, and for the connection string, enter it like it is in the Connection, something with accenture_etc:1521:typ2.

There is no user guide/help documentation for this still yet to be named tool? No one else in your office has used it?
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