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Full Version: How to connect from Crystal Reports
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Hoping someone can help me with what seems to be an easy issue.

I have a XP machine running Crystal Reports 2008 and am trying to connect to an Oracle 10g database. I have been looking around but have not found any difinitive way to make to connection. It seems that i need an oracle client and a compatible drive installed on my Xp machine to make to connection to the database but have had no luck locating this client or drive. Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know Crystal, but I think that you can use ODBC, NativeSqlNet, or OLE-DB, like so:

CrystalReport1.database.logonserver "crdb_oracle.dll", "service_name", "db_name", User Name", "Password".
I used the Oracle-supplied (included in the client-installation) to create a
proper ODBC-datasource to connect via Crystal.

The necessary steps are:
- Install CrystalReports
- Install Oracle Client
- Setup TNS-Names to tnsping' your database(s)
- Configure ODBC-Datasouce(s) for the database(s)
- Connect via Crystal
- Have fun (as much as possible with Crystal wink.gif )


Thanks for the replies, Tom, after diggin around a bit more i was able to get connected as you mentioned. Just a matter of finding the right install files and setting up the TNS entry. Now just have to work on getting users access.
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