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Dear Burleson

i am asked to do capacity planning for my oracle servers and i am new in this area
kindly guide me to kick start it
and how to go deep inside in capacity planning ....

"i am asked to do capacity planning for my oracle servers"

Most folks use spreadsheets for Oracle capacity planning.

Are you doing disk capacity planning, CPU capacity planning or network or RAM capacity planning?

You can buy capacity plannign spreadsheets, if you don't want to write your own:
I agree that spreadsheets will help. The most important part is analyzing the growth of your database. If you are using 10g, then you already have some limited capacity planning tools using AWR (the web based DB Control has metrics you can view). Otherwise you will have to gather and store information yourself. For instance, a VERY basic format:

create table object_growth(snap_date date, object_type varchar2(100), size_in_mb number);

Then, once per week run this:

insert into object_growth select trunc(sysdate), object_type, sum(bytes) / 1024 / 1024 from dba_segments group by object_type;
andrew kerber
In my experience, the spreadsheets are a good place to start. However, also from my experience, there is a corollary to Murphy's law that applies:

'Data expands to fill the space available.'

In this case, it means take every spreadsheet you use at the start, get your best estimates of your first years usage, then double it, and you will be right for the first year. After that, the space required will increase geometrically. I have never seen a good estimate of space usage for more than one year.
" take every spreadsheet you use at the start"

That's very true in my experience as well.

Start with the basics capacity planning spreadsheet functions and grow them from there.
thank you very much ...all

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