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Hi . I am in desperate situation . Please help me. how I keep texfile in table in Oracle. Please give example .Again i say help me, give me example in PL/SQL . Thanks
"I am in desperate situation . "


"how I keep texfile in table in Oracle."

CLOB datatypes

" give me example in PL/SQL "

Why? It does not use PL/SQL!

Did you even attempt to look this up in the documentation?
andrew kerber
Are you trying to load a textfile into Oracle? this is an example of how to do that:

create directory log_dir as '/u01/app/oracle/admin/orcl/bdump';
grant read on directory log_dir to dba;
grant write on directory log_dir to dba;
drop table alert_log;

create table alert_log
(txt_line varchar2(512)
organization external
default directory log_dir
access parameters (records delimited by newline
(txt_line char(512))
location ('alert_orcl.log')
create table ora_alert_log
tablespace tools;

alter table ora_alert_log add constraint xpkora_alert_log
primary key (line_number) using index tablespace tools;

truncate table ora_alert_log;
insert into ora_alert_log (
select rownum, rtrim(txt_line)
from alert_log);

select line_number, line_text
from ora_alert_log
where upper(line_text) like '%ORA-%';
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