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Full Version: ORA-600 [15265]
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I'm getting ORA-600 [15265] eror while dropping a tablespace (also user) . database version 10gR2.
Any idea??

Karthick R
what did metalink say when you looked it up?
Hi Karthick,

We have no access toi the code internals, and all ORA-600 errors must be reported to Oracle technical support:

However, there is your exact problem, ORA-600 when dropping users or tablespaces:

Bug 1646512
It is possible to issue an 'ADD DATAFILE' command with a SIZE
larger than should be allowed. ie: Above 4194303 DB blocks.
Eg: ALTER TABLESPACE ts ADD DATAFILE '/dev/rdsk/ts' size 1073741824 M;
This only occurs for very specific sizes - most invalid sizes will
raise an error.

The workaround for all of the above problems is not to use the commands
described in this alert with sizes above the maximum for your database

As sizes are often specified in "K" or "M" never try to use file sizes
greater than the values given by the following select:

SELECT to_char(4194303*value,'999,999,999,999') MAX_BYTES,
to_char(trunc(4194303*value/1024),'999,999,999')||' Kb' MAX_KB,
to_char(trunc(4194303*value/1024/1024),'999,999')||' Mb' MAX_MB
FROM v$parameter WHERE name='db_block_size';
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