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Hai.Can anybody knows how to do that.If yes please help me.
>> How to retrieve data from excel to oracle database?
"How to retrieve data from excel to oracle database?"

Are you asking "How do I upload Excel data into Oracle tables"?

A third-party tool like Excel-DB will do it easily, and provide error checking, but you can also load spreadsheets with SQL*Loader, provided that they are comma-delimited csv spreadsheets.
hi burleson, hal

let me know the steps how to load data from a excel file to oracle database ...
kindly share the steps ....

Hi Saagar,

>> let me know the steps how to load data from a excel file to oracle database ...

Unless it's a csv spreadsheet (a comma-delimited flat file, where you can easily load with sqlldr), you would have to gerrymander ODBC or write a custom API to transfer the data. It's not trivial, as Oracle security authorizations and table mappings come into play.

You either build your own Excel API, or buy one, like Excel-DB . . . .
Arthritic Toe
Depending on the data and the volume etc, one easy way is to create a formula to genenerate an INSERT statement.
e.g. if you have table x with columns col1 and col2 in oracle, and you have 2 columns of data that you want to insert (lets say in columns a and b ), create a formula in column c1 like this:
"INSERT INTO x VALUES ('"&a1&"','"&b1&');"

& is the string concatonation operator in Excel. You now have a single row insert statement in c1. Now just drag this down the column to generate an INSERT for each line.
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